2017 Weekends

2017 Women's Cursillo Weekend

2017 Men's Cursillo Weekend

Both the Men’s and Women’s weekend were overwhelmingly successful!  Between the two weekends, almost 60 people attended. Community support was fantastic.  The Palanca was bountiful and the Prayer Charts were filled.  We had an all-star team and all-star candidates sent by the community.

The Homecoming celebration was huge; more than 200 people attended.  And Reunion Tuesday at St. Paul’s Duncan Hall was packed as well.  There were close to 100 new Cursillistas, their sponsors, and weekend work team there.

2017 Weekend Feedback

Following the Women’s weekend, Peggy Pugh sent out a short survey to the attendees for some after thoughts.

They rated the overall experience: 

2017 Overall Experience.JPG

Would you invite a friend?  Everyone said Yes! and some said they already had!