After the three day weekend, we are called to live our “4th Day”, the rest of our lives, through a life of friendship and love with our neighbors and God. Our Cursillo activities serve to support and sustain us in our relationship with Christ and to foster a stronger sense of Christian community.

Group reunions (4th Day Groups and Ultreyas) are two of the most important Cursillo community gatherings. Participation in a 4th Day Group with other Cursillistas is a primary objective of the Weekend to extend the spiritual journey begun during the weekend. 4th Day groups meet regularly and some Cursillistas may belong to more than one group. You may have been asked to join one after your weekend or you can find a listing of groups and times on this website.  You and others from your weekend may wish to start a 4th Day group.  Help is always available to those who have this goal.

Ultreyas are a gathering of Cursillistas in a geographical area, for instance the Marin Cursillo Community Ultreya. The Ultreya serves as a structure to assist Christians in their perseverance. It is a mini weekend all in one night. Music, testimony, food, prayer and sharing each one’s journey. Ultreyas are usually held 3 to 4 times per year.

Palanca is prayer for the weekend coupled with an outward sign of love, encouragement and concern that can lead to spiritual growth. Palanca also can take the form of the gift of personal sacrifice, time, money and food. This not only enhances the weekend experience but also can be offered to others after the weekend.

Fundraisers are another time when the Marin Cursillo Community comes together to not only raise funds for the administration of Cursillo, but also to offset some of the costs of the weekend so candidates are not burdened financially to attend. While the main purpose is to raise funds, the underlying gift is bringing the community together to celebrate the gift that Cursillo has meant for their lives and to be able to help pass that gift on to other Christians with the help of funds raised. There will be 3 to 4 fundraisers a year.  

News This Month

Announcing the 2018 Weekends!  Planning is underway.

  • April 12-April 15 for Women and April 26-April 29th for Men
  • John Bischoff is the Rector and Maureen Wayne is the Rectora for these weekends.
  • A committee was formed to review the possibility of changing the venue.
  • The fall Ultreya is set for September 22nd at St. Luke’s in San Rafael.
  • No Secretariat meetings scheduled for July and August.  Committees will meet as needed.



Answer:  The Marin Cursillo Bocce Tournament

Stacey and John Bischoff organized a great afternoon of bocce on May 6th at Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael.   Although the event was Marin Cursillo’s family-friendly fundraiser to support upcoming weekends at Angela Center in Santa Rosa, it was more like a giant family reunion with hugs all around.
Whether or not participants teamed up to play several games of bocce, everyone enjoyed the comraderie of a picnic lunch featuring hotdogs and hamburgers barbecued by Joe Artigiani.
There is a book entitled, The Joy of Bocce, but at this event it was clearly the JOY OF CURSILLO that rolled throughout the day.

Ron’s Thank You

Once again John and Stacey Bischoff produced a great day of Bocce, wonderful food and Christian fellowship. They had Team Bocce to help them, Joe and Anya Artigiani, Steve Avanzino, Ann Lisk, and Terri and Frank Lavin - I hope I did not leave anyone out. We had full courts and a lot of fun.

Thank you all for your continued dedication to Cursillo.

All these gatherings between weekends helps us keep the spirit alive.

DeColores, Ron

2017 Women's Cursillo Weekend

2017 Men's Cursillo Weekend

Both the Men’s and Women’s weekend were overwhelmingly successful!  Between the two weekends, almost 60 people attended.  (See pictures below.)  Community support was fantastic.  The Palanca was bountiful and the Prayer Charts were filled.  We had an all-star team and all-star candidates sent by the community.

The Homecoming celebration was huge; more than 200 people attended.  And Reunion Tuesday at St. Paul’s Duncan Hall was packed as well.  There were close to 100 new Cursillistas, their sponsors, and weekend work team there.

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