Men's Team

About the Rector, Jim Matthews

I became a Cursillista following my Cursillo Weekend in 1997. I have worked as a team member for several Cursillo Weekends, including one Women’s Cursillo Weekend. I am married to Fleta Matthews who was Rectora of the “Altogether Worthy” Women’s Weekend in 2016. I am a Protestant Christian and a member of the Novato United Methodist Church for more than forty years.



What We Expect to Accomplish

My Vision:  I understand that getting acquainted with team members and candidates can be a daunting challenge. But as Rector (leader), during our weekend, I want to be proactive. We have assembled a group of men and women from the Cursillo Community to form the team of thirty or more individuals, many of whom I have never met. My hope is to be blessed with, thirty Christian men willing to let go and let God work in their lives. It is unlikely that I will have met many of you. However, I will endeavor to interact, to some degree, with all of you during the brief time that we spend together.  I will also encourage team members to do the same.

The team members and I will have structured our activities to allow time for “reflection.” As team members and candidates, we should be able to reflect quietly on what is taking place in our lives during this weekend experience.  We ought to take time to think about what we are experiencing and how the experience is affecting our Spiritual being.

On a final note, I especially want you to feel free to approach any team member (myself included), at any time, to express your thoughts about your experience; whether positive or negative. Similarly, I have encouraged team members to approach you to inquire about what you experience, and ways to enhance your experience. Also, I hope you will discover that the role of the God Orders Our Steps team is to serve, rather than to be served.