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After the three day weekend, we are called to live our “4th Day”, the rest of our lives, through a life of friendship and love with our neighbors and God. Our Cursillo activities serve to support and sustain us in our relationship with Christ and to foster a stronger sense of Christian community.

News This Month - May 2018

Farewell to our Chairs

Larry Mazzotta and Ron Leach retired from their positions as the Chair and Chair Pro-Temp of the Secretariat on June 4, 2018.  Having served a 4-year term, they earned universal respect for their accomplishments and the direction set.

Their excellent leadership and support engaged and encouraged the Secretariat team on these accomplishments:

  • Both women's and men's weekends the last two years at capacity;
  • Waiting list on last year's women’s weekend, and sizable waiting lists on both women and men for this year's Spring weekend, resulting in a jump start for the Fall weekends;
  • The addition of two weekends in November this year, the first time we have had (4) weekends the same year since 2007;
  • Influx of new people, new ideas;
  • Improving Marin Cursillo website;
  • Improving recruiting tools;
  • Establishing our non-profit status and tools for ongoing financial support;
  • Securing our ecumenical status;
  • Greater participation at Secretariat meetings;
  • Last three Cursillos held at three different venues and all were successful.

As recognition for their efforts in the extraordinary revival of Marin Cursillo, they both received a bottle of “Rooster” cabernet sauvignon and a book of memories and thanks from members of the Secretariat.  The one consistent theme among the notes of thanks was living the Christian faith by example.  Their leadership helped put Cursillo in a better place to serve the needs of our greater faith community.

Best wishes to Ron and Larry.  While retired from their leadership roles, they have volunteered to continue their spirit of giving by reviewing the Bellringer Guide.

Note From Secretariat

  Ron Leach, Chair Pro-temp, congratulating Janie Burtch, Co-Chair-Elect.

Ron Leach, Chair Pro-temp, congratulating Janie Burtch, Co-Chair-Elect.

The Leadership Committee of Marin Cursillo Secretariat is pleased to announce:  Janie Burtch and Steve Avanzino will serve as upcoming Co-Chairs for 2 years, starting in July, 2018. 

To Love, to Serve, to Bring the Good News, to Act as the Body of Christ

Best Weekends Ever! 

2018-Spring Men's Cursillo Weekend  

2018-Spring Women's Cursillo Weekend

21 women and 19 men participated in our 2018 Spring Cursillo Weekends.  John Bischoff described it as “Fabulous.”  The Rollos were excellent and the shared discussions were like the glue that brought everyone together. They seemed to continue all through the day; they could even be heard echoing in the dining room.  The closing ceremonies, Clausura, were such happy occasions.  Candidates spoke about what it meant to them.  “Sometimes you don’t realize what’s inside you until you put words to it.”

The new location, San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, was very convenient and particularly made it easier for 4th Day groups to participate.   Most of the meals were provided by 4th Day groups as Palanca.  Palanca notes and cards were overflowing as well. 

Each group had a support team of about 27 cursillistas:  Spirits, Cooks, MOSSAF's, Palanca Team and Rollistas (Speakers). Both Men’s and Women’s support teams included people who had made their Cursillo just last year – coming right back to pay forward.  Two of the Men’s candidates already volunteered to work on the Fall Weekend.

Cathy Cunningham & Tom Egan give a big shout out to the Church Representatives for bringing in such enthusiastic candidates.

The blessings of the Holy Spirit were certainly evident at our Spring weekends and are overflowing on the entire community.

For news and pictures of the Homecoming Celebration, click here or go to 2018 Weekends.

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