Upcoming Weekends

Location: San Francisco Theological Seminary, Baird Hall, San Anselmo, CA

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Men's Weekend

Date: April 26 - April 29, 2018

The Theme: By Our Love

Rector: John Bischoff

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Men’s Weekend Goals

My goal for the weekend is to provide an opportunity and fertile ground for all participants to explore and strengthen their relationship with God.  There will be some who are hurting, some who are searching, some who are celebrating, some who are angry and some who long for connection. It is my hope that through the real-life discussions that will take place, as well as the love and humor that will be displayed, we will all learn new things about ourselves and most importantly that God hears, listens and loves us all.

Theme Song

Women's Weekend

Date: April 12 - April 15, 2018

The Theme: Angels Among Us

Rectora: Maureen Goodin-Wayne

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Rectora Message

I began my Cursillo journey in 1995 in San Francisco and over time, after making my weekend, my mind and heart were opened to the "Angels Among Us."

Angels come in all forms, usually have no wings and can be dressed in the form of different folks. They can be seen in the form of a neighbor moving a flaming board out of the way, or in the presence of a stranger approaching someone alone and crying in an airport and asking if they can help by praying with them.

An angel can be in the form of a police officer who befriends a homeless man whom he sees regularly. One night, the officer stopped to bring the fellow a sandwich and he noticed his shoes were missing. When he inquired about the missing shoes, the man told him someone had stolen them. The officer asked him to stay put and he would return shortly with an extra pair of boots from his locker at the station. When he returned, the man was astonished and told him "this is the first time in my life someone actually did what they told me they would do for me". As a result of this simple act of kindness, over time, the man got help for his drug addiction, went to school and now counsels others on the street.

Angels are the arms of Christ reaching out to awaken us to His presence everywhere.

On this upcoming Women's Cursillo weekend, my prayers are asking the Holy Spirit to guide us to be open to the joy and love we can have for others and, in that Christian love, awaken our hearts to see and be an "Angel Among Us."