2018 Weekends


For the first time since 2007 Marin Cursillo hosted Fall Weekends.   Tom Brawley and Charlynn Baumsteiger report that they were “THE BEST WEEKENDS EVER!”. We had a total of 37 candidates

experience Cursillo for the first time.  There were 13 Men and 24 Women.   We joke about “The best weekends ever” but it is the truth as each Cursillo is “The Best Ever” for those Candidates and will never be duplicated exactly the same way.    

The candidates were eager and enthusiastic.  Both Teams were faithful, hard working and did an amazing job of prayerfully being “God’s hands on earth” to help these weekends happen.   Each team had a good balance of brand new and well-seasoned Cursillistas. 

We are so grateful to the entire Marin Cursillo Community for their support of both weekends.  Many, many, many hands make a Cursillo possible and there are no small jobs on a Cursillo. 

The new location at the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo is excellent.  The convenient location allows for more participation from the entire Marin Cursillo Community.  Most of the meals have been provided by 4th Day groups and it has been a new experience for the Candidates to witness the Marin Cursillo Community in Action. 

We are so grateful to Cathy Cunningham and Tom Egan as our “Pre-Cursillo Committee.”  That is a big job and it’s where each Cursillo begins… with each Candidate’s application.   The Church Representatives are doing a fabulous job of inviting new people to experience Cursillo.  Keep up the good work!


2018 Women's Spring Cursillo Weekend

2018 Men's Spring Cursillo Weekend

21 women and 19 men participated in our 2018 Spring Cursillo Weekends.  John Bischoff described it as “Fabulous.”  The Rollos were excellent and the shared discussions were like the glue that brought everyone together. They seemed to continue all through the day; they could even be heard echoing in the dining room.  The closing ceremonies, Clausura, were such happy occasions.  Candidates spoke about what it meant to them.  “Sometimes you don’t realize what’s inside you until you put words to it.”

The new location, San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, was very convenient and particularly made it easier for 4th Day groups to participate.   Most of the meals were provided by 4th Day groups as Palanca.  Palanca notes were overflowing as well. 

Each group had a support team of about 27 Cursillistas:  Spirits, Cooks, MOSSAFF’s, Palanca Team, and Rollistas (Speakers). Both Men’s and Women’s support teams included people who had made their Cursillo just last year – coming right back to pay forward.  Two of the Men’s candidates already volunteered to work on the Fall Weekend.

Cathy Cunningham & Tom Egan give a big shout out to the Church Representatives for bringing in such enthusiastic candidates.

The blessings of the Holy Spirit were certainly evident at our Spring weekends and are overflowing on the entire community.