2018 Weekends


2018 Women's Cursillo Weekend

2018 Men's Cursillo Weekend

21 women and 19 men participated in our 2018 Spring Cursillo Weekends.  John Bischoff described it as “Fabulous.”  The Rollos were excellent and the shared discussions were like the glue that brought everyone together. They seemed to continue all through the day; they could even be heard echoing in the dining room.  The closing ceremonies, Clausura, were such happy occasions.  Candidates spoke about what it meant to them.  “Sometimes you don’t realize what’s inside you until you put words to it.”

The new location, San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, was very convenient and particularly made it easier for 4th Day groups to participate.   Most of the meals were provided by 4th Day groups as Palanca.  Palanca notes were overflowing as well. 

Each group had a support team of about 27 Cursillistas:  Spirits, Cooks, MOSSAFF’s, Palanca Team, and Rollistas (Speakers). Both Men’s and Women’s support teams included people who had made their Cursillo just last year – coming right back to pay forward.  Two of the Men’s candidates already volunteered to work on the Fall Weekend.

Cathy Cunningham & Tom Egan give a big shout out to the Church Representatives for bringing in such enthusiastic candidates.

The blessings of the Holy Spirit were certainly evident at our Spring weekends and are overflowing on the entire community.

A Grand Celebration

In case the new Cursillistas didn’t have enough to eat on the weekends, we welcomed them to the Marin community with a joyous Homecoming Dinner.  Holy Spirit Pot Luck.  This is their introduction to the larger community - more than 200 people attended. 

There were songs.  There were thanks to our Spirit directors, Fr. Phil Roundtree, Father Harry Schlitt, and Fr. Bruce; to cooks, and the many 4th day groups who contributed Palanca, to the Rollo leaders, and to the 54 volunteers who supported the workings of the weekend.  There was music by Jay.  We ate - and sat at tables to meet the new Cursillistas.

Now, we’ll move on to the 4th Day.  It is a blessing to be part of a community of believers who are willing to step out in faith and allow for God’s goodness to prevail.