We Pray

In the devastation of the North Bay wildfires, we pray.

It will clearly be a long recovery.  Within our 4th Day groups, we ask God to make it clear to us how we can “Love, Serve, Bring the Good News, and Act as the Body of Christ.”

Aerial view of Coffey Park

September 2017 Ultreya Report

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There was a full house at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Novato on September 22nd.  Larry Mazzotta opened the meeting with a good joke (as he recollects!) from the internet and introduced the topic for the evening, “Living the Great Commission.”  Pastor John Beckman of Good Shepherd captivated us all with an off-the-cuff, intellectually and spiritually stimulating discussion of The Great Commission.  (Matthew 28:19)  That’s where Jesus tells the apostles, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…”   What does all this mean in our 21st century, post-Christian culture?  How do we make a difference?

Ximena Bervejillo and Don Cowan, two new Cursillistas from Anchored in Faith and God Orders Our Steps, gave us insights into their views on their Christian walks and evangelization as inspired by their recent Cursillo Weekends. 

Jean Nelson then introduced the new Recruitment Guidelines in a humor-filled but serious discussion of tools that are available for use in our component churches and designed to attract vibrant Christian candidates to our Spring 2018 weekends.  These guidelines and other helpful tools are detailed here below, and all are encouraged to explore.

In closing, Larry gave the marching orders:  All Cursillo communities are urged to gather NOW with their pastor, offer to assist him or her in any church community needs, and, in turn, seek the pastor's help in identifying appropriate candidates for our Spring weekends. NOW is the time to roll out our evangelization efforts and provide more workers for the vineyard and great candidates for Rectora Maureen Goodin and Rector John Bischoff and their teams!!

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Featuring this month's 4th Day Group:

St. Anselm’s 4th Day Group

Saturday Morning in San Anselmo

This group meets on the second Saturday of each month at St. Anselm’s Church.  The 9-10:30 meeting is a good start to the weekend!  Our spiritual reflection is centered on the readings for the upcoming Sunday service.  This month, the epistle reading inspired discussion on the emotional shock of the North Bay wildfires.  (St. Paul’s letter to Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20) St. Paul says, “I have learned the secret of living in abundance and of being in need.  My God will fully supply whatever you need.”

Left to right:  Cathy Cunningham, Beverly Hibbs, Doreen Malin, Bernie O'Hallioran, Rose Shadduck.  Also there, but not shown:  Aleida Helle

Left to right: Cathy Cunningham, Beverly Hibbs, Doreen Malin, Bernie O'Hallioran, Rose Shadduck. Also there, but not shown: Aleida Helle

Interested Cursillistas can contact Cathy Cunningham deaconedandcathy@sbcglobal.net