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In our fast-paced, 21st century lives, we may not cross paths with the others from our weekends.  This is a time to gather together as a whole community, refresh the friendships we’ve made, and reconnect with our faith-strengthening support group.  We are particularly looking forward to including our new Cursillistas from this year’s weekends.  It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the community building and strengthening of our “Anchored in Faith” and “God Orders Our Steps” experience.

The dinner is Holy Spirit potluck.  Bring what you are called upon to offer.   The hosting congregation, Good Shepherd Lutheran, asks us to refrain from alcohol.

Larry Mazzotta will give us an update on the upcoming 2018 Weekends. 

In years prior to 2017, it has been a struggle to enlist enough candidates to make the weekends sustainable.  This year, we asked candidates to pay $100 towards the cost and put we renewed emphasis on attracting donations (see the new Donate webpage).  Most importantly -  this summer, Larry and his team* have been giving thought and prayer to enhancing our recruiting strategy.

In seeking direction for the committee, the group’s prayers became centered on the Great Commission – where Jesus tells the apostles, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…”  (Matthew 28:19).  The team delved in, discussed, compared and realized that the methods used by some churches had produced more candidates than others.  How can we leverage these successes to inspire many more Christians in Marin to participate?     Take a look at the Guidelines they’ve put together – and we’ll hear more at the meeting.

**To download these ads for your church click on the images below.

Friday, September 22nd, 6-9pm, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1180 Lynwood Dr, Novato.  Ultreya is a Spanish word meaning Onward!   Let’s go.

*Thanks to the strategy team:  Joe Gatti, Steve Avanzino, Kevin Baumsteiger, Jackie Lee, Randall Lee, Bob Lemos, Holli Lemos, and Marilu Mazzotta.

Featuring this month's 4th Day Group:

4th Day Walkers

Standing, from left to right:  Geri Ryan, Pat Gilleran, Teri Guy, Judy Friede, Jackie Lee, Cathy Timmer. Crouched in front:  Jean Nelson.

This group meets on the second Friday of the month at 9:45 A.M. at different trail heads in the Novato area.  Starting with a little spiritual reflection and guidance for discussion, we walk and share what the spiritual reflection means to us and our how Christ has been active in our lives lately. Frequented trails include O’Hair Park on Sutro Avenue, Hamilton Landing, and Indian Valley West on Indian Valley Rd.  Walks last about an hour on mostly flat land.  Afterwards, we gather at a nearby coffee shop for continued sharing. 

Interested Cursillistas can contact Jean Nelson,