4th Day groups are a gathering of small groups of Cursillistas who meet regularly to share, connect and support each other as Christians. 4th  Day groups form strong bonds, build trust, and foster a deeper union with Christ in our lives and hearts.

There are many existing 4th Day groups within the Marin Cursillo community. After you make Cursillo, a great way to join a 4th Day group is to start you own group with candidates or team members you may have met during your weekend, or with members of your church community,or other Cursillistas you may know. Also, your sponsor can help you find a 4th day group. You can view a list of existing 4th Day groups by clicking the“View 4th Day Groups” button and you are invited to contact any one of them as well. 

The basic format of a 4th Day group is to start and end your meeting with prayer. Included in the meeting should also be a discussion of a spiritual reading or topic (the gospel for the upcoming Sunday is a common choice) and then share your thoughts on the subject and how it relates to our everyday lives.  In addition, the element of social time and support for one another at your 4th Day meetings is essential. There are many possibilities of the 4th Day formats and each 4th day can choose what works best. Options might be meeting for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, house rotations, walks, book clubs, or whatever appeals to your group.

4th Day groups provide an amazing way to enhance our Christian lives, and they are also lots of fun! We encourage you to start one or join one. If you have questions or need advice on joining a 4th Day group, always feel free to contact your Rector or Rectora, or any team member or your sponsor. They would love to help! Contact Jean Nelson (Boccemom@gmail.com) or Info@MarinCursillo.com to share details (where, when, contact info).

We are all praying for you.  Join us!  De Colores!

Spring 2019 - Our Marin Ultreya was held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Friday, March 29. The theme of the evening was a call to “Go Forth Walking by Faith” as an encouragement to Cursillistas to reflect on their weekends and to continue their faith walks. We began with a lovely social and pot luck appetizers and beverages followed by music, laughter and hugs…a beautiful coming together of Cursillistas from all the Christian churches in Marin who are represented at Marin Cursillo, making it a wonderful Ecumenical event

The almost 100 attendees then moved into the church, where Rev. Christopher Martin and Rev. Jim Ward gave warm welcomes and delivered meaningful reflections and prayers. Bridie and Tom Brawley and Chuck Finnie gave insight into their views of how their Christian walks have grown since their Cursillo weekends, and how their Fourth Days have impacted their lives and ways in which we can reach out to potential candidates. Their words help set the tone for our evening discussions around how one’s life has changed since Cursillo and the best things about one’s 4 th Day group. At the conclusion of the evening we were all inspired to to “Go Forth Walking by Faith”

Featuring this month's 4th Day Group:

Tuesday Lunch 4th Day Group

Our Tuesday Fourth Day Lunch has met monthly since the 2014 "Imagine Weekend" (thank you Terri Bondanza-Lavin). Several of our friendships go back to college days at University of San Francisco, Dominican College, St. Raphael's School and one grew out of a neighbor's visit 44 years ago. A total of five different weekends brought together this group of ladies and we feel blessed to share in our Cursillo journey. 

The format for the meeting is social, meal sharing, scripture or meditations. We enjoy the sharing, growth opportunities and support for the journey. We rotate homes and collect $10  (with attendance or without) from each member.  Periodically we vote on how we choose to use our funds. Several missions/activities include these: meal support for Cursillo weekends; financial support for fire victims in Santa Rosa; Team and Candidate scholarships for weekends; assisting with Cursillo Fundraisers; Monster Mash Gift Baskets.

The ladies kept the number small to capitalize on time together. With our group of seven we usually meet 3 - 3 1/2 hours.  We keep the date firm, time constant and format engaging.  This sets our meeting as a priority on calendars and ladies do everything within their power to make the meetings.


Shown Left to Right - Cheryl Sartario, Beverly Anselmo, Linda Engstrom, Madelon Montobbio, Rita Widergren, Carole Taylor & Peggy Pugh.


Interested Cursillistas can contact Peggy Pugh (the coordinator) at PeggyPugh@yahoo.com .