4th Day groups are a gathering of small groups of Cursillistas who meet regularly to share, connect and support each other as Christians. 4th  Day groups form strong bonds, build trust, and foster a deeper union with Christ in our lives and hearts.

There are many existing 4th Day groups within the Marin Cursillo community. After you make Cursillo, a great way to join a 4th Day group is to start you own group with candidates or team members you may have met during your weekend, or with members of your church community,or other Cursillistas you may know. Also, your sponsor can help you find a 4th day group. You can view a list of existing 4th Day groups by clicking the“View 4th Day Groups” button and you are invited to contact any one of them as well. 

The basic format of a 4th Day group is to start and end your meeting with prayer. Included in the meeting should also be a discussion of a spiritual reading or topic (the gospel for the upcoming Sunday is a common choice) and then share your thoughts on the subject and how it relates to our everyday lives.  In addition, the element of social time and support for one another at your 4th Day meetings is essential. There are many possibilities of the 4th Day formats and each 4th day can choose what works best. Options might be meeting for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, house rotations, walks, book clubs, or whatever appeals to your group.

4th Day groups provide an amazing way to enhance our Christian lives, and they are also lots of fun! We encourage you to start one or join one. If you have questions or need advice on joining a 4th Day group, always feel free to contact your Rector or Rectora, or any team member or your sponsor. They would love to help! Contact Jean Nelson (Boccemom@gmail.com) or Info@MarinCursillo.com to share details (where, when, contact info).

We are all praying for you.  Join us!  De Colores!

Featuring this month's 4th Day Group:

Spinning the Ketchup Bottle 4th Day Group

Every Wednesday morning in San Rafael / Terra Linda

We meet every Wednesday at Eduardo’s diner at 4200 Redwood Hwy. in San Rafael, starting the day at 7:30, and spin the ketchup bottle. Whomever it lands on, says grace. Then we share a bible lesson put together by Rog Carrington for about 30 minutes. We use a timer because we want to get enough sharing time. After the study discussion, whoever has the ketchup bottle gets to share for 3 or 4 minutes whatever is going on in their life “checking in”. This is done without interruption from others. When he is done the bottle gets passed to the next person to check in until all have had a chance to share. we usually have a timer going to get to the prayer time at about 9. When we close in prayer, whoever feels moved to ask for prayer for themselves or others, offers that prayer. We call it “popcorn prayer time” because someone just pops up at random with his prayer. After we feel the popcorn prayers are over, we close with the Lord’s prayer.

Newcomers are welcome. We just added Evan and Mike who were candidates from the last weekend. We also just added a guy from St Johns who made his Cursillo 10 years ago and wants now to join a fourth day. We have had 7 rectors come from our group over the years and we have been meeting since 2004 - 15 years. Founding members were John Gulick, Tom Egan, Ron Leach, Pete Doyle and Joe Artigiani.

Interested Cursillistas can contact Ron Leach (the coordinator) at Ron.Leach@comcast.net or Tom Egan at Thomas@LucasValley.net.

• First row left to right: Pete Doyle, Joe Artigiani, Walt Tullis, Vic Reizman, Gary Fisher.

• Second row left to right: John Pugh, Ron Leach, Tom Egan, Rog Carrington, Joe Allen, Mike Green, John Gulick and Evan Saunders.

• Not pictured are Bob Ades and Mike Marovich,