Listen to what Richard has to say about his experience at a Marin Cursillo.

“Cursillo has put my faith into action…getting myself out of the middle of my little universe, becoming more present, actively experiencing God’s love and passing it on in service to others.”
“What I found most meaningful was the ecumenical spirit that prevailed throughout the weekend, which brought us not only closer to God, but to each other by focusing on the beliefs we all have in common rather than on our differences.”
“Years after turning my back on the Church, I made a Cursillo. After my Cursillo, I embraced my faith again. The experience of a Cursillo weekend has brought back many to their Christian faith and given them a chance to pass this gift on to many more.”
“I was not sure what I was getting into and frankly was very nervous about being with a bunch of church fanatics for a 3 day weekend. Well, the structure, group dynamics, and overall love that poured out from all who participated was just an awesome experience. I received a greater appreciation for how much Jesus loves me and how forgiving he can be.”