After the three day weekend, we are called to live our “4th Day”, the rest of our lives, through a life of friendship and love with our neighbors and God. Our Cursillo activities serve to support and sustain us in our relationship with Christ and to foster a stronger sense of Christian community.

News this Month – June 2019

Introducing the 2019 Spring Men

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The 2019 Men’s “Thy Kingdom Come” weekend was blessed with the presence of terrific candidates who are now enthusiastically entering the Marin Cursillo Community re-energized and alive with the spirit of Christ.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit and 31 dedicated team members who served on the weekend, our community rejoices and welcomes this fine group of candidates now called Cursillistas. Along with their counterparts from the women’s weekend, many of the candidates are expressing an interest in finding, or starting 4th Day Groups.
Praise be to Jesus Christ! Let us see Your kingdom come, to the poor and broken ones. Let us see a mighty flood, of justice and mercy. Let love be multiplied!

Introducing the 2019 Spring Women

2019 Spring Women Group.jpg

21 women were welcomed into our Cursillo community on May 6th, following an outstanding weekend......God is Good! All the Time!

2020 Rector Rectora Announced

As is the Marin Cursillo custom, the Homecoming Celebration is the forum for the announcement of the Rectora and Rector for the next set of weekends.

Linda Leach will be the Spring 2020 Rectora and lead the Women’s Cursillo Weekend. She is obviously incredibly well-organized - as she immediately announced her core team assistants, Anya Artigiani, Ann Avanzino, and Bridi Brawley. Anya and Bridi have previously served as Rectoras.

Even though he was not able to attend this gathering, Bruce announced the upcoming Rector, John Pugh. The audience roared with their congratulations! See in the video below.

The dates and venue for the 2020 Spring Cursillo
Weekends are yet to be announced.

Homecoming title.jpg

The Homecoming Celebration for the Spring 2019 Weekends was bustling and wonderful. It’s an excellent time for welcoming the new Cursillistas, at the same time, firming up contacts from the Weekends, and – for the rest of us – catching up with others from our own weekends and 4th Day groups.

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