What is the Secretariat?

The Marin Secretariat is comprised of leadership and representatives from local church communities and provides the administrative and spiritual forum to foster the growth of Cursillo in Marin County.  The Marin Secretariat functions much like a Board of Directors. Generally meeting monthly when scheduled by the leadership, all are welcomed and encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion.

The Secretariat has seven working committees served by members of the Secretariat and other Cursillistas from our church communities. The committees are, Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo Weekend, 4th Day/Ultreya (Reunion), Core (Officers and Spirit), Leadership, Technology/Communication, Cursillo Giving and Finance. Other committees are composed of all the church representatives and the Nominating Committee.

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What Your Secretariat Can Do For You

Secretariat coordinates the Cursillo Ministry and provides the administrative support to foster the growth of Cursillo in Marin County.  It is responsible for the financial health of the Cursillo Ministry, the location and leadership for each Cursillo weekend, countywide Cursillo events, and communication within the Marin Cursillo community.